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Joachim Löw: "We did a lot of things well", 27.06.2014

Germany have hit their first target at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil by winning Group G and progressing to the Round of 16. After the meeting with USA on Thursday head coach Joachim Löw answered questions about the match and reviewed his team's performance to date. summarises the key statements from Löw’s post-match analysis.

Question: What's your assessment of the 1–0 victory over USA?

Joachim Löw: We knew it would be a tough match and we were ready for it. The USA played very well in both their previous matches, although I was expecting them to show a little more initiative. USA dropped relatively deep and pulled everyone a long way back. We were clearly the dominant team and our organisation was very good. With the exception of the last minute we stopped them creating chances throughout the match. We showed lots of authority. We always knew it would be a fight right to the end.

Question: Jürgen Klinsmann says the tournament starts again from scratch once the knockout stage begins. What's your point of view?

Löw: At this stage it's all or nothing, you win or you go home. It obviously means there's even more of an edge and more tension.

Question: How would you assess Bastian Schweinsteiger’s performance today?

Löw: Overall our midfield was very strong. We had the match under control and applied plenty of pressure. He battled away and was very good for as long as he still felt physically strong. He covered a lot of ground and was also responsible for our excellent organisation. And I simply thought it was the right time to give Sami Khedira a rest.

Question: You embraced Klinsmann after the match. What did you say to him?

Löw: I asked him about the result from the other game because I didn't know it. He told me they were through, and I warmly congratulated him. That certainly wasn't easy and could never be taken for granted in this group. Nobody thought they could do it so it's another big step in USA's development. If you've beaten Ghana and drawn with Portugal you deserve to be in the last sixteen.

Question: What's your take on Thomas Müller?

Löw: Back in the pre-tournament phase it was clear he’s in unbelievably good physical and mental shape. All our opponents find him hard to handle because his runs are very clever and he keeps popping up in the box. He's been in great form for weeks now, and with him I have the feeling the moves and runs come easily to him.

Question: What's your summary of the group stage?

Löw: It wasn't an easy group. We were in a good position going into the last match but were still determined to win. We did a lot of things well, although obviously we have areas for improvement, our passing in the final third for example. But our organisation and our build-up play were a lot better again today.

27 June 2014
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